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Delphi Soars to New Heights with $75 Million Training Contract with Aerodyne Aircraft

PARIS, FRANCE,  (June 21, 2023): Delphi Technology Corp. announced today at The Paris Air Show a new contract with Aerodyne Aircraft Development Ltd, a company based in Wales, United Kingdom. This contract solidifies the unique partnership between the Canadian-based start-up, Delphi, and aerospace innovator Aerodyne. This $75 million contract includes the provision of 25,000 virtual training packages over 3 years with an option to double that number as the companies grow.

“A year ago, as a start-up company, we began our relationship with Aerodyne with an MOU,” says Alan Tay, Delphi Technology Corp Founder. “Today, with the announcement of this $75 million contract, we thank Aerodyne for their vote of confidence as we mark this milestone in our company’s growth. We are now charting a new course, an upward trajectory as we prepare to scale up operations. We are grateful to our partners and investors who have helped us fulfill our vision of bringing accessible training to the aviation industry.”

Every Aerodyne aircraft sold will come with XR headsets with built-in display screens, sensors, and audio systems. Each headset comes preinstalled with custom training modules, created using Delphi’s proprietary training platform. The XR environment allows users to fully engage with the training material bringing a human dimension to their learning experience. Able to sense body and limb movement, the training programs can assess performance, guide users step by step through the module, and even correct the actions of the trainee if errors are made along the way.

As Aerodyne is a provider of innovative aircraft serving multiple functions — from medical evacuation to military and specialized personal use — a high-quality and affordable training solution was needed to familiarize new users with aircraft systems and maintenance. Delphi’s unique training solution makes it possible for users to go at their own pace and interact with the systems physically within the virtual environment long before the aircraft is even delivered.

“The training systems allow the aircraft owners and users to not just understand the requirements of flying and the aircraft features but also get the trainees accustomed to the systems and airspace where they will be flying,” says  Rangaraja Iyengar, CEO of Aerodyne. “Understanding your surroundings is one of the hardest elements when you are trying to also understand what each control does. The Delphi system reduces the complexity and gives new trainees a better understanding of all the components. This would then reduce the time and cost needed to train a new pilot. Our goal at Aerodyne is to have more and more people flying, as we reduce the costs of flying.”

Delphi is best known for its star product, VR City, a metaverse training campus featuring adaptive learning with AI enhancement which includes aviation-accredited assessments. As innovators in their respective spaces, Aerodyne and Delphi have shared values and vision to make aviation accessible and affordable to everyone.

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