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Narrow the skills gap with easily accessible, on-demand virtual training.

VR and DNA

In today’s fast-paced technological environment, continuous skill updates are imperative. Just-in-time training virtually ensures that knowledge is delivered precisely when it’s needed, resulting in more efficient and effective learning experiences.

Illumia Labs provides a platform to streamline onboarding for new employees, enabling them to swiftly acclimate through on-demand training, ultimately reducing the time and resources traditionally expended.

Current employees can gain versatile skills applicable across various roles and industries, enhancing their adaptability and resilience in the dynamic landscape of evolving industries.

Case Uses:

Sales Representative

Sales Manager

Account Executive

Business Development representative

Sales Analyst

Sales Engineer

Sales Operations Manager

Key Account Manager

Inside Sales Representative

Territory Sales Manager

Example Scenario: SALES MANAGER

Elevate your sales team’s performance with cutting-edge sales training simulations, offering an immersive and risk-free environment for skill improvement. Engage your team in realistic sales scenarios, from objections handling to closing techniques and customer interactions, providing valuable feedback based on their performance. Empower your sales professionals to learn from each simulated experience, honing their abilities and boosting confidence.

Ready to transform your training?

Case Uses:

“In today’s fast-paced world, Illumia Labs is the key to staying ahead. It empowers individuals to acquire skills on the spot, fostering continuous growth and adaptability.”

Alan Tay, CEO, Illumia Labs

Confidently manage your training delivery:

Standardized Training and Assessment

Implement a standardized training and assessment approach that combines customized content with avatar-led instruction, utilizing your organization’s training materials.

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Enhance Core Knowledge Base

Enhance the in-person training experience by maximizing the utilization of individual baseline knowledge within the team.

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Leverage Analytics for Insights

Leverage learning and performance analytics to optimize career path development and enhance overall efficiency.

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Ensure Compliance

Ensure seamless integration and regulatory compliance with the current HR and LMS systems.

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Provide Real-time Feedback

Elevate procedural mastery by incorporating 24/7 feedback from a virtual AI-led instructor.

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Embark on a path toward cultivating continuous growth and adaptability within your organization.

VR headset in use
White Paper

Creating Training Capacity with Digital Twins

This white paper explores how AI-driven digital twins can tackle the global skills gap by creating virtual replicas of physical assets and traditional scenarios, enhancing training, and expanding capacity while maintaining quality. Illumia Labs is a prime example of an organization harnessing this technology to cultivate skilled workers and address workforce shortages.