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Product Suite

Unleash the potential of
AI-powered, virtual
human-led training.

Introducing our groundbreaking conversational AI and action-based avatars that are revolutionizing training. You can create engaging and interactive experiences that emulate real-life scenarios, resulting in improved knowledge retention and enhanced performance for learners. Step into a dynamic world of learning where innovation meets effectiveness.



Our conversational AI avatar, Illumia ENGAGE, provides users with a natural and intuitive way to interact with your training materials. Introduce role play scenarios and make your training program interactive with Illumia ENGAGE.

Optimized Training Delivery:

Natural Language Interaction: Ask questions, seek clarification, and receive responses in a conversational manner.

Personalized Learning Path: Analyzes user responses and behaviors to tailor the learning path, offering content and resources that match individual preferences and needs.

Adaptive Learning: Adapts to users’ knowledge levels, adjusting the complexity of the content and the pace of the interaction to optimize learning outcomes.

Virtual Tutoring and Support: Acts as virtual tutor, guiding learners through the material and providing assistance whenever needed.

Illumia Engage
Better Engagement, as Learners:

> receive instant responses to their queries, leading to a dynamic and continuous learning experience where they can clarify doubts in real-time.

> feel more connected to the learning process as it feels natural and personalized.

> can engage in on-the-go learning, anytime, anywhere.

> feel more comfortable asking questions and experimenting with ideas without the fear of embarrassment.

Illumia ENGAGE learns from interactions and user feedback, constantly evolving to offer
up-to-date and comprehensive answers, granting learners access to a vast repository of knowledge.”

Alan Tay, CEO, Illumia Labs

Illumia ACTION
Optimized Training Delivery:

Realistic Simulations: Replicate real-world scenarios and movements, allowing learners to practice and refine skills in a safe and controlled environment. This is particularly useful for training in physical tasks or high-risk professions.

Adaptive Learning with Performance Assessment: Analyzing users’ actions and responses, providing personalized feedback and performance assessments, leading to continuous improvement.

Gamification Elements: Applies gamification elements to the learning process, making it more motivating for learners.

Enhanced Interactivity: Action-based avatars enable learners to interact with the environment and objects, fostering a deeper understanding of the subject matter through hands-on experiences.



Our advanced AI avatar, Illumia ACTION, mimics real-life movements and actions, allowing learners to practice and experience scenarios that closely resemble actual situations. Illumia ACTION provides immediate feedback on a learners’ actions and performance, enabling them to assess their progress and make adjustments accordingly. Enrich the learning experience and bring skills development to the next level.

Better Engagement, as Learners:

> can engage with the avatars through both physical actions and verbal interactions, making the learning experience more dynamic and enriching.

> can practice and discuss their decisions, enhancing their ability to apply acquired knowledge in practical scenarios.

> can apply the skills they acquire more effectively in real-life situations, as the learning is based on practical experiences.

> receive training that is specifically adapted to their abilities and preferences.

Our no-code builders give your team the freedom to create.

Are you ready to transform your training programs? Say goodbye to the challenges of complex coding and high costs. With our platform, you can effortlessly create custom environments and finely-tuned training scenarios, quickly and cost-effectively. Unlock a world of possibilities and effortlessly craft captivating learning environments.



With no-code scenario builder, we have made it easy for educators, trainers, and content creators to develop immersive and engaging role-playing experiences that simulate real-life situations.

Our scenario builder is ideal for a wide range of training purposes, such as soft skills development, conflict resolution, customer service training, leadership training, and more.


“Our no-code builders revolutionize virtual classrooms and labs, empowering trainers to effortlessly deliver engaging content without the burden of coding expertise.”

Alan Tay, CEO, Illumia Labs


Transform your training delivery with our no-code platform builder. Simply drag and drop to build interactive and captivating virtual learning environments that inspire, engage, and empower your learners. No coding skills required – just your creativity and passion for delivering exceptional learning experiences.

With Illumia you can create:


Replicate the physical campus of your company in a virtual environment – designed to offer students, and trainers a virtual space to engage in forums, events and social activities.


Go beyond the limitations of traditional physical classrooms. Build your own immersive and interactive virtual lab for training and learning, available 24/7.