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Emphasize personalized learning paths to hone essential soft skills for employee growth.

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With the rise of remote work, employees often lack face-to-face interactions. AI-powered virtual human-led soft skills training bridges this gap, helping them communicate effectively and build relationships in a virtual workspace.

Illumia Labs provides a platform for training that ensures that all customer service team members receive the same training content and materials, maintaining a consistent level of service quality across your organization.

Through assessments and real-time feedback, you employees will gain immediate insights into their unique strengths and areas for improvement.

Case Uses:

Hotel Front Desk Agent

Restaurant Server

Event Co-ordinator

Travel Agent Concierge

Medical Receptionist

Care Co-ordinator

Customer Experience

Coordinator Technical

Support Agent Customer

Support Specialist


Equip your new hires with the essential tools to excel in a customer service environment through comprehensive training. Immerse them in real-life scenarios and interactions with customers through interactive simulations. These simulated situations serve as valuable learning opportunities, enabling customer support specialists to practice and enhance their communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution skills.

Ready to transform your training?

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“Invest in AI-powered virtual human-led soft skills training for your customer service team, and watch as customer interactions become more positive, leading to improved brand reputation and business growth.”

Alan Tay, CEO, Illumia Labs

Confidently manage your training delivery:

Standardized Training and Assessment

Implement a standardized training and assessment approach that combines customized content with avatar-led instruction, utilizing your organization’s training materials.

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Enhance Core Knowledge Base

Enhance the in-person training experience by maximizing the utilization of individual baseline knowledge within the team.

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Leverage Analytics for Insights

Leverage learning and performance analytics to optimize career path development and enhance overall efficiency.

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Ensure Compliance

Ensure seamless integration and regulatory compliance with the current HR and LMS systems.

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Provide Real-time Feedback

Elevate procedural mastery by incorporating 24/7 feedback from a virtual AI-led instructor.

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Unlock the potential of your workforce with AI-powered virtual human-led soft skills training.

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White Paper

Creating Training Capacity with Digital Twins

This white paper explores how AI-driven digital twins can tackle the global skills gap by creating virtual replicas of physical assets and traditional scenarios, enhancing training, and expanding capacity while maintaining quality. Illumia Labs is a prime example of an organization harnessing this technology to cultivate skilled workers and address workforce shortages.