Delphi Technology Corp and VR City are now Illumia Labs


Innovative Solutions for Enhanced Training in Aviation and Aerospace

Learn How to Unleash the Potential of AI-Powered, Virtual Human-led Training in the Aviation and Aerospace Industry.

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In today’s aviation and aerospace industries, challenges such as escalating training expenses, heightened safety concerns, and the growing demand for uniform, standardized training have reached unprecedented levels.

Illumia Labs addresses these issues by providing an innovative platform for organizations. Our solutions ensure uniform training content, reduce the risk of accidents, streamlines training operations, and achieve regulatory compliance. Ultimately, they help enhance safety, efficiency, and excellence in aviation and aerospace education.

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“Illumia ENGAGE learns from interactions and user feedback, constantly evolving to offer up-to-date and comprehensive answers, granting learners access to a vast repository of knowledge.”
Alan Tay, CEO, Illumia Labs