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Learn How to Unleash the Potential of AI-Powered, Virtual Human-led Training.

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By harnessing the power of AI-driven, virtual human-guided training and user-friendly no-code builder tools, we’re re-shaping the landscape of learning and development, propelling your organisation to the forefront of innovation.

Introducing Illumia ENGAGE: Our conversational AI Avatar

Illumia ENGAGE captures the skills of your best trainers to scale training up to 5x, along with accelerating learning with immersive, instant feedback. Our AI Avatar engages learners by providing a conversational experience, allowing users to ask questions, and receive clarification in a natural way.

Trainers provide our AI with their years of tenured expertise to create an immersive course for learners to train with for years to come.

“Illumia ENGAGE learns from interactions and user feedback, constantly evolving to offer up-to-date and comprehensive answers, granting learners access to a vast repository of knowledge.”
Alan Tay, CEO, Illumia Labs