Delphi Technology Corp and VR City are now Illumia Labs



Illumia Labs and the Future of Training

Education and training are the keys to unlocking our global potential. They are the ultimate equalizers in a world marked by disparities, and they have the power to change almost everything. They can alleviate poverty, address labor shortages, and drive scientific and medical breakthroughs. However, despite the transformative potential of education and training, there have always been formidable barriers obstructing widespread, positive change. These barriers primarily revolve around issues of access and delivery, or at least they did until recently.

In response to these challenges, Illumia Labs was founded in 2020 with a mission to make training accessible to every corner of the globe, thus addressing some of the most pressing economic and social issues of our time. The visionaries behind this initiative, Alan Tay and Mike Bogaars, began their careers as pilots and instructors who deeply appreciated the groundbreaking technology associated with aviation. Yet, even in such an advanced field, they experienced the limitations of training firsthand. They found themselves unable to reach and develop the talent pool that the industry so desperately required. Once again, the barriers of access and delivery reared their heads. 

However, Alan and Mike posed a series of provocative questions: What if education and training could reach more people? What if it were possible to teach and train individuals faster, more efficiently, and more effectively? And what if these improvements could be achieved without increasing costs but, instead, reducing them?

These questions ignited their enthusiasm, but they also recognized that bringing about change required a fundamental transformation. They understood that to succeed, they had to reimagine existing technology to make it more efficient, urgently needed, and, most importantly, accessible. Thus, Illumia Labs was born, utilizing modern technology to deliver virtual training experiences. From the outset, this wasn’t just another form of online learning; it was a complete reinvention, adapting the online world to better align with how people learn. Their platform seamlessly integrated teaching, training, and technology, all while ensuring global connectivity without sacrificing personal connection.

Alan and Mike envisioned a future where others shared their excitement for this transformative tool. They foresaw organizations eager to replicate their best instructors to deliver training faster than ever before. They understood how companies could seamlessly onboard new staff members, whether they were on a different continent or right next door. They also recognized the immense value of custom-designed, fully immersive virtual reality environments for safe simulations to gain valuable experience.

These applications, among others, form the core of Illumia Labs. People are increasingly recognizing the future of training and embracing it daily.

And now, we find ourselves at this moment. As we suggested earlier, education and training are the most valuable assets the global community possesses because they represent a tangible means to achieve nearly anything imaginable. Illumia Labs serves as a platform to facilitate these changes. We reimagine training as a renewable resource, perpetually abundant within a virtual environment that brings together both information and people.

Our new identity, Illumia Labs, centers on three key elements:

  • Immersive: We bring training into new dimensions, where learners are fully engaged, optimized, and immersed in their learning experience.
  • Limitless: Regardless of time and place, we adapt to a global community where learning knows no boundaries.
  • Learning: At our core, learning is what defines us. It’s about the act of doing and knowing, built with a clear sense of purpose.

Illumia Labs provides a platform for the training of the future, available right now. Welcome to our world!


Illumia Labs