Delphi Technology Corp and VR City are now Illumia Labs


We are proud of our company’s phenomenal growth and the achievements we have made so far. With a focus on user experience, we’re refining our efforts to be the preferred partner for organizations focused on the future of training.

Here are some of our accomplishments to date:
Ecosystem Partners

Providing Illumia Labs tax credit and funding through its innovation growth program.

Helped AIAC provide trade mission opportunities along with Canadian Pavilion presence in major industry events.

Sharing of data and project collaboration with access to funding and supercomputing lab.

Selected as technology development partner to augment our team.

Selected as Cyber security partner to help us achieve NIST Level 2 and US fedRAMP Compliance.

Providing Illumia Labs mentorship, advisory, funding and programming for commercialization.

Selected to be part of the Alberta technology cohort to help scale up the business.

Joined the 500 Global Flagship Accelerator program, working with mentors and industry leaders to further scale up our business.

Providing advisory, funding structures, marketplace and funding.

Main Research partner with AMII partnership, IRLab and EdKLA.

Working with IRAP as client and also for research collaboration as well as funding for our R & D.

Worked with AWS EdStart/EdTech Startup Accelerator program to build the next generation of online learning, analytics and campus mangement solutions using AWS Expertise.

Provided the advisement of our POC and also guidance with the technology and collaboration with UA.

Worked as research partner and talent feeder.

Joined the NVIDIA Inception Program due to our progress in deep learning and our high-end use of NVIDIA products.

Selected to join North Forge Ascent Founders program.

Selected as sector council for the industry, providing collaboration on industry led training, funding and micro credentialing.

Channel Partners

Partnered to deliver workplace integration learning experience credits for Aviation and Aerospace to all high schools in Alberta.

Partnered with New Frontier Entertainment & Media Group to facilitate training using the metaverse environment.

Partnering with us to provide Indigenous heritage education.

ST Engineering as a virtual training provider in Southwest Asia.

Partnered with Singapore’s Temasek Polytechnic, School of Aviation Management to increase student’s immersion into the Aviation and Aerospace industry.

Partner to deliver STEM and aerospace introduction courses to whole of Manitoba.

Partner to deliver Ground school modules to students.

Partnered up with Elevate Aviation, a not-for-profit organization that provides a platform for women to thrive and succeed through aviation.

Partnered up with Real Services Canada, a non-profit assisting employers, educators and individuals to create successful pathways to employment for aspiring aviators.


Implementing Illumia Labs technology to train their pilots.

Implemented a DJI Drone course through Illumia Labs in Western Canada.

Internally, another division within the company is interested to test out our system as well as that they are sponsoring 1000 youth in stem education.

Partnered with Aerodyne Aircraft Manufacturing and Development Ltd, an innovative and dynamic organization developing low-cost private aircraft solutions, to provide training solutions with virtual reality capabilities. This agreement will allow Illumia Labs and Aerodyne to work together to develop Illumia Labs for use in training services, virtual reality, and other mutually agreed opportunities.

Collaborating with DecisionWorks Consulting Inc and Nelson House, Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation Family and Community Wellness Centre, providing Indigenous Heritage education with virtual reality capabilities.

Illumia Labs has partnered with Drone Academy Canada to offer an even better learning management system for DAC’s online drone courses. Illumia provided progress tracking and quizzes with real-time feedback in DAC’s 8 online modular courses through Illumia.

AIM-AA is an industry program day by DND Cadets run by Real Services Canada. Illumia Labs provided industry exposure and a trial PPL course.


SME Canadian Start-up of the Year 2021

Illumia Labs won its first Canadian Start-up of the Year award. This national prize is awarded to startup companies that have shown significant promise through their growth and successful business strategy.

2021 award

Start-upTNT, Manitoba Top 5

Illumia Labs was selected as a finalist out of over 60 applicants from across Western Canada and top 5 for Manitoba, winning a side deal with eight Manitoba investors. Startup TNT actively works with local startups, angel groups, seed funds, and early-stage VC funds to stimulate angel investment and build startup communities.

startup TNT logo

Sustainability Impact Corporate Award for UNSDGS 2021

Illumia Labs was honoured to receive the Sustainability Impact Corporate Performance award. This award, presented by the S.T.A.R.S. Foundation, recognizes businesses that have made an extraordinary effort to integrate sustainable business management into their operations and demonstrated a commitment to pursuing excellence practices related to the three sustainable pillars identified by judging panels as having the greatest potential to deliver significant positive social benefits.

SIC logo

Top 5 Semi Finalists at the Edtech Cup, New York

Illumia Labs was selected as one of the top 5 semi finalists at the Edtech Cup in New York for Training Virtual Workforce Innovation. Part of StartEd, EdTech Week™ in September 2022, this annual event and pitch challenge brings together the entire education and workforce innovation community – to connect, learn, grapple with the most pressing questions in education, and help transform how we all learn, teach and work.

edtech cup logo

News & Press

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