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Delphi Technology Corp Signs MoU with IPC Group Singapore

Winnipeg, Manitoba (Tuesday, October 11): Delphi Technology Corp (DTC) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreement with IPC Group of Companies, an education administration program provider based in Singapore. This agreement will allow DTC and IPC Group Singapore to work together to develop VR City™ for use in after school programs, virtual metaverse tours and other mutually defined opportunities primarily within Singapore and the regions of Southeast Asia and Western Asia.

Through this agreement, DTC would provide IPC Group of Companies the usage of Delphi’s product VR City™, a virtual training campus with embedded Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. Users can train and collaborate in a virtual environment with VR City™.

DTC and IPC will work together on two of IPC Group’s six profit centres, with IPC making use of DTC’s delivery platform, VR City.

DTC’s initiative includes:

  • Launching a 3-6 hours after-school program for 2,400 students per week in Singapore.
  • Starting in mid-November 2022, DTC and IPC are set to deliver VR City to Abu Dhabi schools for 1000 kids per week for a duration of 12 weeks.

With validated competency-based courses, training in VR City™ is accessible to individuals from diverse backgrounds and learning styles. VR City™ is the ideal solution for virtual and on-demand training as it combines immersive virtual education technology with innovative learning and collaboration practices.

” We are extremely pleased to collaborate with IPC to deliver an immersive and adaptable educational program solution for students in Singapore, parts of Southeast Asia and Western Asia”,  commented Alan Tay, CEO of DTC, in a statement. “To ensure that students have access to high-quality after-school programmes, we are working closely with IPC to make this a reality.”

IPC Group of Companies is a group of companies focused on the satisfaction of customers’ need in Tourism. IPC’s main goal is to provide the best services in the fields of education tourism, and business. After beginning as a small business in Singapore, IPC is now dedicated to expanding and meeting the needs of its global clientele by providing the highest quality services at affordable pricing.

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