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Delphi Technology Corp Signs MoU with Specialty Aerospace and Defence contractor in Canada

Winnipeg, Manitoba (Wednesday, August 29): Delphi Technology Corp (DTC) has announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreement with Cascade Aerospace, a specialty Aerospace and Defence contractor in Canada. This agreement will allow DTC and Cascade Aerospace to collaboratively develop and benefit from the use of DTC’s training metaverse campus, VR City, in providing educational services with immersive experiences within British Columbia and North America.

Delphi’s product, VR City™, is a metaverse training campus that features adaptive learning with elements like Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality embedded. VR City™ provides a virtual and on-demand training ecosystem with accredited competency-based pathways. DTC combines new normal modes of learning, collaboration and high standards of virtual training. DTC’s aim is to make training engaging, interactive and accessible to those who dream big.

Alan Tay, CEO at Delphi Technology Corp, said, “We look forward to leveraging our AI-powered metaverse solutions expertise in Canada to support Cascade Aerospace in training the next generation of aeronautics professionals.”

Earlier this year, DTC partnered up again with Manitoba Aerospace to carry out Aviation and Aerospace in Manitoba (AAiM) Week for over 1,200 grade 6 students in rural and northern communities in Manitoba virtually. Manitoba Aerospace’s AAiM Week is a week-long programme designed to offer a hands-on learning experience while reinforcing the flight module of the grade six science curriculum.

Cascade Aerospace, an operating unit of IMP Aerospace & Defence, is a leading Canadian specialty aerospace & defence company trusted for its engineering and maintenance expertise for operators in the domestic and international military, government, original equipment manufacturers and commercial environments.

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