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Delphi Technology Corp Wins International Performance Award for Sustainability

Winnipeg, Manitoba (September X, 2021):  Delphi Technology Corp is honoured to receive a prestigious international Performance Award from Sustainability Impact Corporate for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) on August 21, 2021. The awards ceremony was held both in-person and virtually from the Miller Theatre in Hong Kong, and recognizes businesses that have made an extraordinary effort to integrate sustainable business management into their operations. As well, the awardee must prove excellence in practices related to the United Nations Development Programme for sustainability.

The ceremony was tech-star studded affair with top corporations such as Dow Chemical Company and Zhong Ao Home Group Limited in attendance. The former Director UN Project Office, Dr Roy Luo and AVP UNESCO Dr Shirley Yeung, was available for interviews. A panel of 22 judges determined the awardees, many of them holding positions with the United Nations. Out of the 83 international applicants, only 24 corporations were selected for the award, and Delphi Technology Corp was one of only two start-ups that were recognized.

Delphi Technology Corp provides adaptive virtual training tools catering to different learning styles that meets the needs of a new generation of aviators, as well as the practical demands of the aeronautics industry. VR City, the main teaching instrument, provides a platform for a virtual community of aspiring aviators. Founded in 2019, Delphi Technology Corp continues to attract investors and partners as it explores cutting-edge virtual reality technology for education and training. 

There were three critical components for which Delphi Technology was recognized:
Social benefits for the community through the promotion of gender equality in the aviation and aeronautical field: in a field dominated by men (only 10-20% are women), the VR City virtual education system uses data analysis on learning patterns for men and women to better incorporate learning methods that help women succeed in the industry. All data studies are conducted with an equal ratio of women to men which ensures a balanced system for all to succeed.

Quality education for remote locations (such as The Pas): VR City uses specialized compression technology and transmission protocols to allow for a virtual reality simulation experience, so that even those who live in areas with low connectivity can participate. Communities in northern Canada can now learn about aviation and aeronautics through a high-quality virtual environment served up on a platform from Winnipeg.

Climate change is addressed through remote learning models: typical learning methodologies for aviation require in-person learning. With a virtual reality simulation students can get the same quality experience remotely, saving on fuel not only for travelling to class, but also saves on aviation fuel as the simulator can replace in-air practice.

“We were thrilled to receive this award,” says Delphi founders Alan Tay and Mike Bogaars. “With this award, we will gain access to partner organizations within the United Nations Development Programme, many of them internationally renowned. Also, we’ll be able to access specialized funding available through Green Financiers. For a start-up like Delphi Technology, this recognition is really incredible, we can hardly believe we’ve received such significant recognition by the international technology community.”
The award was presented by the S.T.A.R.S. Foundation, which developed a self-reporting questionnaire focused on the three sustainability pillars of environmental, social and governance that target the global United Nations Sustainability Development Goals. It was these criteria that were used by a judging panel to determine the corporations with the greatest potential to deliver significant positive social benefits.

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