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What exactly is Micro-Credentialing?

You learn new skills every day, enhancing your professional growth. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get recognition for them? Or if there was a way that you could demonstrate how good you are at these new skills? Micro-Credentialing may be your solution.

Today, competency in a chosen profession requires obtaining the required education, skills, and experience. Not only does micro credentialing enable working professionals and students to expand their horizons and to significantly broaden their skill sets to ultimately become experts in their field, but it also allows for recognition of the attainment of skills and expertise. In this article, we will explore what Micro Credentialing is, its benefits and how you can obtain micro credentials at Illumia Labs.

Micro-credentialing is a process for obtaining a micro-credential, which is comparable to a mini-degree or diploma in a specific field. For example, you can obtain a certificate for learning digital marketing, coding in C++ or even creating graphics. To earn a micro-credential, you must complete the courseware related to the topic. Once you have fulfilled all the requirements, submitted the assignments or taken the required tests, you will be awarded a certificate for your brand-new skill.

Micro-credentials may be delivered in face-to-face instruction, blended learning, or entirely online learning. Micro-credentials are a wide category of college-accredited, short-term educational programs that are industry-driven and skill-based. In micro-credentialing, there is an emphasis on abilities and competencies rather than time-based learning.

What are the Benefits of Micro-Credentialing?

Having micro-credentials can set you apart academically and professionally. As micro-credentials are versatile and are adaptable to a variety of markets, employers and institutions are willing to recognize micro credentials independently of the institutions or organisations where they were learned. It establishes a learning environment in which workers are rewarded for their newly acquired skills or competencies regardless of industry, business, or forum. Additionally, micro-credentials are highly shareable through e-portfolios, can be applied to resumes, and career applications to demonstrate a degree of qualification.

Earning web and digital badges will demonstrate your experience, abilities, accomplishments and competencies to your managers and peers. By earning a badge, you would be able to showcase that you are a valued addition to their organization. As micro-credentials are highly shareable, they are a new method of recognizing and certifying individuals’ talents, experience, capacities, and achievements. These micro-credentials associate learners with recruiters and new opportunities. After completing a micro-credential course successfully, learners can post their digital badges on social networking sites, most notably LinkedIn. Obtaining a micro-credential is also simple since they can be obtained at any time. This is highly beneficial for individuals who require flexibility to optimize their time and financial resources, by enrolling in small online classes teaching a specific career skill. Since individuals can earn the certification through self-paced learning, this can show managers and peers what their interests are and their new skills.

Acquiring nationally recognized competencies and skills that will allow you to remain on the cutting edge of your career. Many of the world’s leading corporations are now using micro-credentials. One of the most well-known technology and service provider, IBM, has created a large-scale upskilling initiative that leverages micro-credentials and has released more than three million digital badges. Not only does IBM provide micro-credentials for professional growth and specialization, but it also links digital badges to higher educational programs. Since most industries are always evolving, everyone at every stage of their professional career would profit from specialized educational micro-credential courses to develop their expertise. Micro credentialing can help employees flourish by filling in skill or knowledge gaps. With micro-credentialing, businesses can use in-house resources to create processes that promote employee growth and retention. This allows employees to participate actively in the planning process and collaborate with business partners to build a program that satisfies all individual and organizational needs.

How can you obtain Micro-Credentials at Illumia Labs?

Micro-credentials in Illumia Labs can be obtained through our rewards-oriented Badge System. Any action a student takes such as viewing a course tab, completing a module, or passing a quiz, earns them “experience points.” As a student begins to collect more experience points, they will eventually “Level Up” and are rewarded with a new badge. As students make improvements, they can earn newer, cooler digital badges that are displayed on the leaderboard and on all their creations.

Micro-credentials in Illumia Labs can be obtained through the ManuevAIR Simulation Training. When you use ManuevAIR, you would be using and improving your hand-eye coordination skills, which is essential for an aeronautics professional. In ManuevAIR, students are required to use minimal peripheral equipment, such as your keyboards, mouse, and computer, to fly a plane virtually. For students who have a joystick, they would also be able to use that with our simulator. Additionally, the flight skills students acquire in ManuevAIR are transferable and can be transferred to their real-world flight results. ManuevAIR is designed to allow students to adapt newly acquired flight knowledge in the simulator, allowing them to bring theory into reality.

Micro-credentials in Illumia Labs can be obtained through our FlightForge Plane Building Software. At Illumia Labs, FlightForge helps students deepen their understanding of aircraft design and aerodynamic principles. The topics mentioned have elements of engineering in it. Students can unleash their inner creativity by modelling their aircraft to however design they like. Not only are they able to build an airplane from scratch through modelling an object virtually, but they are also able to enhance their creativity skills and 3D modelling skills.

Micro-credentials are being widely recognized as critical factor to the future of employment and education. Whether you’re just starting your aviation journey or making a career change, Illumia Labs offers a variety of micro credentials tailored to your needs.