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Delphi Technology Corp closes agreement with Canada’s first independent Esports and media agency

Delphi Technology, developer of the cutting edge metaverse educational tool, VRCity has finalized a two-year agreement multi year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Canada’s New Frontier Entertainment & Media Group Ltd. (NFEMG).

The agreement focuses on developing a partnership on facilitating training inspired by Dephi’s virtual reality training campus, VRCity, as well as supporting communities, through Esports, using the metaverse environment. The collaboration between Delphi Technology Corp and NFEMG allows both parties to work on bringing a one-day in-person Esports tournament style event centered around aviation and aerospace activities and trade skills in the Metaverse.

Delphi is honored to partner during these two years with NFEMG as the two companies share similar values such as a spirit of community, inclusivity and excellence in service to their partners.

 Alan Tay, Delphi Technology Corp CEO and co-founder stated:

“Partnering with NFEMG is thrilling! Being a Canadian agency with an expertise in Esports and Gaming entertainment makes our agreement even more relevant as together we can contribute in bringing the content of the metaverse to its highest quality and, therefore, providing excellent entertainment and education to our communities, through the use or our Virtual Training Campus, VRCity.

We’ve designed our technology to cater for industries beyond aviation and aerospace, although this is where we started. Bringing people together, whether it is for entertainment or to create communities, our metaverse is an easy to use, immersive and hardware-agnostic platform, capable of running on a simple laptop”.

VR City is a virtual training campus, or metaverse, where people meet and learn virtually. Using artificial intelligence, VR City courses become tailored to individual learning styles making training easier to achieve. The creation of VR City was inspired by a desire to transform aviation education and make STEM learning more accessible. With high accessibility at a lower cost barrier, VR City can be used to its fullest capabilities to produce interactive, accessible and affordable courses for students.

 The agreement between Delphi Technology Corp and the NFEMG is highly promising due to plans to collaborate on a series of projects linked to training, education and other exciting ventures.

New Frontier Entertainment & Media Group is a Canadian entertainment agency that has been delivering experiential experiences surrounding Esports and gaming entertainment.

“We are so excited to dive into a relationship with a platform in the metaverse that vertically integrates community development and advocacy for STEM learning, aviation and aerospace education.

 Esports offers a bold way to engage VRCity users in competitive simulations while creating fun and captivating experiences. Partnering with such a promising start-up like Delphi Technology Corp allows us to explore opportunities within a diverse, educational and exciting ecosystem within the metaverse. At NFEMG, we’re fascinated by the utility case of VRCity to inspire users to explore fields of interest through metaversal interaction. We look forward to aligning the VR City platform to an Esports strategy and integrating new experiences for users never seen before.” – Jehan Moorthy, CEO New Frontier Entertainment & Media Group.

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